Saturday, September 27, 2008

This weeks battle

Having a special needs child is a constant battle. This weeks battle was whether or not to keep my son at his current school. My son has autism and has poor impulse control which we now had to put him on a powerful medication. We had to do it if he is to continue with his current school. So all week I've been his champion. He's very bright and in some respects is a head of the other students. His behavior has been a major problem the last week. He has become more aggressive with the other students and the school is afraid that he will hurt someone. So let's hope that the medication will help. I'm running out of other options.

Update! Here's an update on Erik. Well we didn't want to but we put him on medicine to control his implusive behavior and settle him down. He is doing well so far.Yesterday we visited a school in our district that has a new special needs behavior program for kids his age.(Don't know why they didn't put him in it in the first place). The class is small, 6 kids a teacher and an aide. He will get the help he needs plus counciling, socialization, speech therapy, and O.T. for his writing. He will have an alpha smart ( a keyboard) that he can use for doing his assignments.So we talked to Erik about it and he seemed OK with the idea, but he will miss his friends. He said he wanted to visit the class before he goes. Which is something I didn't think of. He's so smart.

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Tiffiney said...

Sounds like a smart little man...I had to go through something like this when one of my oldest was younger. Medication was the key at the time, had to so they could stay in school...but luckily my child grew out of the so called ADHD no meds now and at an older age, my child is doing great! Hope the same happens for you! :)

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