Monday, March 16, 2009

My psychedelic weekend

I opened a store on Zazzel sometime ago and didn't do much with it until now. It's called Designs by Lisa

Most of the artwork there focuses on knitting and crochet but there are other designs there too. I wanted to design t-shirts that were different form what everyone else is doing for knitters and crochet. So I was messing around and came up with these psychedelic backgrounds.

Well I wanted to do this one this a knitter. I wanted a blue background. I didn't have anything in mind but little by little it came together. I Love butterflies. I tried to capture their grace and elegance. Bubbles are fun and have a relaxing quality. So there it is.
crocheters needed to have something too. I created a silhouette of hands doing crochet. This time I wanted to use berry colors and pinks in the psychedelic feel. I kept thinking of cosmic crochet, I don't know why. It does have a feeling of peering in the universe.
I'll be creating more soon.


Military Momz said...

I love your designs. So creative! You have a great site!

Lisa Connor said...

Hey thanks. You can also vote for the designs too.

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