Saturday, December 12, 2009

Krysta’s Kingdom’s Rex Walks With Squeak In His Step

Building on the premise of teaching children about sights and sounds, Krysta’s Kingdom’s Rex wears squeaky shoes from Got Squeakers!? in each episode.

The shoes from Got Squeakers?! were designed to teach toddlers to walk from heel-to-toe and to provide parents with the ability to listen for their children around the house or in crowded places.  

“The shoes were originally to be worn in only one episode that focused on sound,” said Barbara Siragusa, vice president, Electric Bear Studios.  “However, when we saw how adorable the shoes are and what a useful and fun teaching tool they were, we decided to work them into every episode.  The shoes are a crowd pleaser and Rex is always excited to hear himself walk.”

Got Squeakers!? is a mom-owned company based in San Diego that offers squeaky shoes for boys and girls in sizes 3-12. In addition to teaching children to walk ergonomically, the shoes have also been used as a therapy tool for children with autism, as they are typically toe walkers.

The premise for Krysta’s Kingdom is the main character Krysta, played by Erin LaChance, is stranded on a magical, deserted island when Milo the hummingbird pops her hot air balloon.  When she begins exploring the island she meets many friends, including Rudy the rubber duck, a magic mirror, and Lady Liz the lady bug.

Not only is the television series designed to be educational for viewers, but also the Web site features many resources for children and parents alike, including the Book Nook, a lab, spelling quizzes, cooking tips, and more.

Krysta’s Kingdom can be seen on Kids and Teens Television on Saturday mornings at 7:30 and Saturday afternoons at 1:30.  It will also begin airing on The Starfish Television Network in December 2009.

Prior to its air date, Krysta’s Kingdom won five Florida Motion Picture and Television Awards for best children’s program, best editing and best director - Sam Siragusa ; best director of photography – John O’Hara; and best music composer – Dan Nowicki.  

For more information on shoes from Got Squeakers!?, visit For more information regarding Krysta’s Kingdom or to access the signature resources, please visit or search Krysta’s Kingdom on Facebook.

Electric Bear Studios, LLC is a multiple award winning company, headed by Mr. Sam L. Siragusa.  In 2009, EBS won 12 Crystal Reel Awards, including best children’s series for Krysta’s Kingdom, for Slay Angels and Krysta’s Kingdom.  His previous awards include four Addy’s, one of which was the prestigious Addy.  The FMPTA Award for the EBS, LLC production of Team Bravo Bears, as well as the Dove Seal of Approval; and the FMPTA award for the EBS, LLC production Beauty Cast, as well as 4 Dove Seals of Approval.

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